Alec Baldwin Gives Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Some Surprisingly Great Marriage/Relationship Advice

As you all know, Justin Bieber is joining the Baldwin family. The 24-year-old singer is engaged to 21-year-old model Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec Baldwin.

For the most part, the Baldwin family has been silent on the engagement news, but on Sunday evening, Alec talked about Justin and Hailey’s engagement at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of The Public.

And surprisingly, he gave them some pretty good advice…

“I’m quite a bit older than both of them, but I got married recently, a few years ago. And my wife [Hilaria Baldwin] and I had four kids in four-and-a-half years. We have a lot of little kids. The thing is, all the work I do now is based on my family.

There’s movies I got offered where they say, ‘Come leave town for five weeks. And no, we can’t travel your family with you. We don’t have that in the budget.’ And I pass because I don’t want to be away from my family. And I hope they realize that. If you want to have a successful marriage, you have to be together. You gotta stay together.”

He’s not wrong. The long distance relationships might work for some, but for the majority of people, it’s important to be close. You hear about relationships not working out in Hollywood all the time because of busy schedules. It’s hard to maintain a solid relationship with someone when you never see them.

The other Baldwin brother, Billy, gave Justin and Hailey advice back in July. He basically told them, in so many words, to not have kids right now.

“Please enjoy your engaged life. Please enjoy your married life. You’re 21; you have the rest of your life to have kids.”

Also great advice. Maybe these Baldwin brothers aren’t so bad after all.

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