Are Demi Lovato And Wilmer Valderrama Back Together? Sources Say He’s Visited Her In Rehab More Than Anyone Else

When Demi Lovato was rushed to the hospital following her drug overdose nearly two months ago, one of the first people to visit her was Wilmer Valderrama. For those who don’t know, she and Wilmer ended their six-year relationship back in 2016.

Lovato has been in a rehab facility on the East Coast for weeks now, and according to multiple sources, Wilmer has flown to see her multiple times. Several people have seen them at Starbucks together, and according to those insiders, Demi and Wilmer were treating each other like boyfriend/girlfriend.

TMZ reports:

“We don’t know if they’re back together … what we do know is that Wilmer put everything on hold when Demi almost died from an opioid OD on July 24 and was a constant presence at the hospital, where she spent nearly 2 weeks.”

This could be another Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian type situation. Maybe Wilmer knows he needs to help her right now. After all, they spent six years together. I’m sure she trusts him completely. It doesn’t mean they’re back together, but for right now, Wilmer is putting everything else to the side, and we certainly applaud him for that.

And you know, if they do decided to try out their relationship again, more power to them. Wilmer is 12 years older than Demi, though, so we’re sure he’s ready to settle down.

What do you think? Should they get back together?

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