Josh Groban Is As Surprised As You Are That Katy Perry Wrote ‘The One That Got Away’ About Him (VIDEO)

Katy Perry doesn’t just sing about chapstick and plastic bags drifting through the wind. Sometimes she talks about love and heartbreak. For example, her 2011 song titled The One That Got Away was about a love of hers who, well, got away from her.

And for years, people were trying to figure out who she was talking about in the song, and then last year Perry put an end to the speculation. She told James Corden that it was Josh Groban who inspired the song.

Well, Groban was on Watch What Happens Live earlier this week when a viewer called in to ask him how he felt when he heard that Perry wrote a song about him.

“We did date. We were both very private, and so we realized we were better as friends. And we’ve been very, very good friends to this day. She’s the best. But, I was not expecting that. That was a double take and a spit of my coffee when I saw that.” 

He also added that he was a bit surprised/confused about some of the lyrics. In the song, Perry sings about making out in a Mustang to Radiohead and getting matching tattoos on her 18th birthday.

“I’m like, ‘I never owned a Mustang. I don’t have a tattoo. Are you sure that’s about me?’ I’m very flattered by it. But I was very surprised by it, too.”

Both Groban and Perry are in pretty serious relationships at the moment, so don’t expect them to give their relationship another shot. IT’S OVER! DONE! FINISHED!

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