Kanye West Confuses Everyone By Wearing MAGA Hat With Colin Kaepernick Sweatshirt

Kanye West tried to make a statement on Thursday morning, but we’re not sure what the statement was. He walked inside the offices of The Fader early Thursday morning wearing Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and a sweatshirt with Colin Kaepernick’s name.

What the hell, right? Those two things don’t go together. It’d be like wearing a Yankees hat while wearing a Red Sox jersey. As you all know, Trump called Colin a “son of a bitch,” and we’re sure Colin feels the same way about Trump.

West talked to a group inside the office and explained that he redesigned the MAGA hat by changing its shape and putting “positive energy” inside it.



There is not enough positive energy in the world to make me wear a MAGA hat. You could slap me with a positive energy stick and I’d still throw the hat away.

Kanye doesn’t seem to get that Trump isn’t your typical president. It’s not as simple as, “Oh, I just disagree with his politics,” it’s beyond that. Trump spreads/promotes hate and dangerous ideas, and that’s just not something I can get behind.

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