Post Malone Takes Jimmy Fallon To Olive Garden For The Very First Time (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon has experienced a lot in life. He’s probably had dinner at some of the most lavish restaurants in the world, but for some reason, he hadn’t tried the delectable pasta inside the walls of Olive Garden.

Post Malone decided to change that. He took Fallon on a little date night to Olive Garden in Times Square, and of courses cameras were there to capture every moment.

Fallon wore his olive pants to make sure he passed the dress code, while Post Malone wore…I don’t know what.

We all know the best thing at Olive Garden are the unlimited breadsticks. Post showed Jimmy the right amount of butter to put on, and then they went to town. Safe to say, Jim-Jim was impressed, “The contrast. It’s garlicy. It’s salty. It’s buttery. It’s hot and it’s cold.”

After chowing down on some chicken and pasta, Fallon surprised Post by telling the wait staff that it was his birthday. They showered Post with the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and hooked him up with a free dessert. It looked like a pretty rockin’ date night.

Check out the madness below…

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