Tara Reid Removed From Plane Minutes Before Takeoff After Throwing A Fit About Her Seat

You don’t hear much from Tara Reid anymore. She had lots of success and fame back in the late ’90s/early 2000s, but then she quickly faded away.

A few years ago she had a brief return to the spotlight with her ‘Sharknado‘ fame. In August of this year, she sparked some concern after appearing in a very strange interview. She was slurring her words during the interview, which obviously made some people wonder if she was on drugs again.

She sent out a statement following the controversy claiming she was fine…

“While it’s unfortunate to see some of the recent negative press following a successful week of promoting and supporting the film, I’m happy to know that my fans continue to stand by me — this is for them!

I am in great spirits and health and I look forward to my future projects and what’s in store for me next.”

Is she really in great spirits and health, though? It’s being reported that Reid was removed from a flight to New York City. She reportedly caused a disturbance as the plane was getting ready to depart.

She was mad that her seat wasn’t a window seat, and then she started complaining about not having a pillow…

“She then complained about not having a pillow and feeling cramped since the person in the seat in front of her was reclined. Flight attendants tried to resolve the issue, but to no avail.

A crew member eventually asked her and her dog to leave the plane once the pilot returned to the gate.”

The good news is that she got on a later flight and things apparently went a little smoother.

But still, you can tell a celebrity is having some struggles when they start causing problems on flights. That’s a classic sign of an alcohol/drug problem in celebs.

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