The Boston Dynamics Robot Named Atlas is Now Doing Parkour! Really!

I still believe the world will get taken over by robots and destroy us all. Maybe not us, but 2 generations later of “us”….I guess that’s our Great Grand kids. If you thought I was crazy, this video by Boston Dynamics brings that “crazy” to life in a very real way.

We saw this robot before but it was nothing like this. This damn thing is now doing parkour! The robot is capable of using his whole body including his legs, arms and torso. It can jump up and over items without breaking pace, which puts him probably better than most humans. Imagine if he is chasing you? He doesn’t get tired. Ever!

The robot, uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the obstacles or jump over them accurately.

Yep- they are going to kill us.

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