Bye Bye, Megyn! NBC Has Reportedly Canceled ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ After Her Blackface Comment (VIDEO)


Megyn Kelly has learned an important lesson this week: when the ratings for your show’s time slot has dropped 30% from last year, you better be on your best behavior because the network is probably trying to find a way to cancel yo’ a**.

You probably remember seeing the video above earlier this week. It was spread all over social media. During an episode of ‘Megyn Kelly Today,’ the host claimed it was okay to wear ‘blackface’ for Halloween.

She said people did it when she was a kid and it was all good. She also failed to mention that just as recent as the 1960s, people of color had to use separate water fountains and restrooms. Just because something was believed to be “okay” at one point, doesn’t mean we can’t evolve as a society and learn from our mistakes.

And it looks like Kelly will be learning off air. According to multiple reports, NBC has decided to cancel her show. They aired a repeat Thursday morning and another repeat is scheduled for Friday morning.

TMZ reports:

“The divorce — which, we’re told is more mutual than a firing — isn’t shaping up to be quick and easy. Daily Mail, which first reported Megyn’s ouster, says she’s hired high-powered attorney Bryan Freedman who’s scheduled a sit-down with NBC … no doubt to discuss the terms of her departure. She has a $69 million contract.”

NBC is probably regretting that $69 million deal right about now. I mean, how did the blackface discussion even start? And why were four white people talking about it like they were experts? Try sprinkling in some color next time.

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