Cardi Lashes Out at Nicki Minaj During Epic Instagram Rant and Nicki Back Down! (VIDEO)

Nicki went on her Queen Radio show and spoke about the fashion week fight…again. Honestly, what else does she have to talk about? It was bound to come up again, however this time Cardi was having none of that. She decided to put on a little radio show of her own.

She blew up Instagram and made 10 Posts, clapping back at Nicki. What you see above is just one of them. Click the link in my bio and I took the time to splice them all together.

Basically Cardi just calls Nicki out on her her bullshzit. Somebody had to. It was long over due.

My only concern is, while this is all entertaining, Stans go hard for both of these girls. I’m never worried about the celebrities hurting each other, I’m typically worried about the fans. They forget, a large element is like WWE. These rivalries get more likes, provide more fans following which generate attention. Attention is the modern day currency that we trade on. Broke as fans with nothing else to do, take this serious and people can wind up getting hurt.

So let’s keep it light and if anyone wants to throw hands, let it be Nicki and Cardi. Everyone else stay out of it.

UDPATE: Nicki might have waved the white flag; at least for now

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