Daaamn! Ariana Grande Claps Back At Pete Davidson After He Jokes About Their Failed Engagement On SNL (VIDEO)

In just under six months, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have went from buying expensive NYC property together and getting matching tattoos, to feuding on social media and covering up their tattoos.

We all knew their engagement would fail, we just didn’t know it’d happen so fast. At first, the split seemed somewhat pleasant. Neither side was talking trash, but now it looks like the gloves are coming off.

Pete Davidson filmed a promo for SNL this week, and during the promo, he jokingly asks singer Maggie Rodgers to marry him. When she says no, he says, “0 for 3.”

This pissed Ariana off because she feels like Pete is using her to stay relevant, which is something he always claimed to not like. She went on her Twitter account on Thursday and wrote…

“For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh. Thank u, next”

She has since deleted the tweet, but we all saw it and we all know who it was for. It’s crazy how fast they fell “out of love.”

Obviously they weren’t ever truly in love. They’re young and dumb, but at least they realized their mistake before saying “I do.”

Some people are 40-years-old with three kids and a spouse they absolutely hate. Ariana and Pete still have time to make mistakes.

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