Lottery Player In New Jersey Wins $5 Million, $500 and $100 In The Same Day!

You might think you have good luck because you found $1 on the sidewalk, but your luck ain’t nothing compared to Robert Stewart, a retired union pile driver from New Jersey.

Stewart bought some scratch-off tickets from The Rivermart in Edgewater and decided to scratch them while he was still inside the store. After scratching one of the tickets, he noticed he won a top prize of $5 million.

The clerk who helped him called the owner of the store. He rushed to the location and hugged Stewart. It was a celebration.

But it didn’t end there. Later in the evening, Stewart bought a few more tickets (why not?) and he won another $500 and $100. Before this very special day, his biggest lottery win was $2,500.

He told reporters he plans to save and invest while also using the money to help his friends and family, which seems to be what most lottery winners do. It’s also why they end up broke a few years down the road.

YOU CAN’T HELP EVERYONE! REMEMBER THAT! I’m not saying don’t buy your mom a house or anything. I’m just saying, if your second cousin calls you and talks about how he just lost his job and it’s hard to look for one without a car…give him $30 and tell him to catch an Uber.

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