Rihanna Threatens To Sue Donald Trump After He Plays Her Music During Rally In Tennessee

Rihanna ain’t down with Donald Trump. After a reporter tweeted her on Sunday to let her know Trump was playing her “Don’t Stop the Music” song during his rally in Tennessee, she responded by sending him a legal warning.

Her lawyers sent off a cease and desist letter to Trump’s legal team. The letter states that the President has used RiRi’s tunes “in connection with a number of political events held across the United States.”

The letter also makes it clear that Rihanna has not given Trump consent to use any of her music. If he does it again, she will sue his a**.

Of course, she’s not the first musician to give Trump this warning. Steven Tyler, the Prince estate and Pharrell Williams have all sent similar letters.

Honestly. I bet Donald Trump is doing this sh*t on purpose. Why would some redneck crowd in Tennessee want to hear Don’t Stop the Music? They wouldn’t. He could easily find some country music to play, but instead, he’s playing Prince and Rihanna? Hell nah. He’s just trolling.

Who will he troll next? Place your bets below. Winner gets a signed MAGA hat. (not really)

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