Wendy Shades Future on her show. Future Claps Back…..but is he Right? Does He have more Money Than Wendy Williams? (VIDEO)


So Wendy does what she does, but this time she had a whole segment complete with numerical examples. She through shade at Future for having so many children and baby’s mothers and it quickly got back to him; so he felt the need to respond. Future’s clap back, was that he has more money than Wendy.


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Thank God I’m richer than Wendy Williams.

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While we might want to sit and debate, Google and the powers who investigate these facts for a living ( have Future at $30 Million and Wendy at $60 Million. Both have more than enough to raise 20 kids (financially) so that’s not an issue. What I do know about Wendy is that she banks $15 Million per year from her show alone. So every year, she is making 1/2 of Futures reported net worth. She only has 1 child and I know that her QVC sh*t is popping. She’s got a fashion line, a jewelry line and a wig line.

So while the internet might not know everything and there is always a lot of inaccurate information; even if it’s waaaay off, Wendy is still worth more than Future. So while it was a funny and witty snap back, I’m sure Future was not aware of how deep Wendy’s pockets really are. Nor does he probably care.

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