Mean Tweets Just Made A Hilarious Return With A Special ‘Country Music’ Edition (VIDEO)

For some reason, the funniest mean tweets seem to happen during their ‘Country Music’ specials. We don’t know if that’s because country music fans are mean, or if country stars just have more to make fun of, whatever the case…we love it.

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the 2018 Country Music Awards with the special ‘Mean Tweets’ clip you see above. Several country stars participated, including Kacey Musgraves, Jake Owen, Midland, Lauren Alaina, Rascal Flatts, Jon Pardi. and many more.

There were some genuinely funny tweets in here. We won’t spoil them for you, but watch out for the Midland tweet and Rascal Flatts tweet.

And just in case you’re a country music fan, we’ll tell you that Musgraves won Album of the Year, Keith Urban won Entertainer of the Year, Chris Stapleton won Male Vocalist of the Year, and Luke Combs won New Artist of the Year.

Unfortunately, Midland did not win Best Group, which is a shame because who the f**k can’t get down to this song? I mean, seriously. Don’t lie…you like it.

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