MAKE THIS HAPPEN: Roy Jones Jr. Wants To Fight Michael B. Jordan After He Called Him Out, Claiming He Could Beat Him (VIDEO)


Out of all the celebrity boxing matches going on, this one would be the most exciting. If you didn’t hear, Michael B. Jordan got a little cocky the other night. On Saturday, he was asked if there were any real boxers he thinks he could beat with his ‘Creed‘ training.

He replied by saying he believes he could beat Roy Jones Jr., mostly because he’s 49-years-old and has slowed down a bit.

Well, Roy heard about this and now he’s challenging Jordan to a fight. With 30-plus years of experience, Roy doesn’t give a f**k about the age difference. Jordan might be in better shape, but Roy knows he could still kick his butt.

“I know he can’t beat me still. I know he’s probably in better condition because he’s younger … but I’m an old school vet.”

This ain’t talk either. Roy is super serious about this fight, and we can’t blame him. If you have some hot shot actor call you out in your area of expertise, you have to protect that.

Roy says he’d only need about a month to prepare for the fight. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Come on, Jordan! Do it for your fans.


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