Shawn Mendes Is NOT Gay And He Wants Everyone to Know It!

We’re all a little bit gay, right? Wrong. Shawn Mendes is super NOT gay. In fact, he might be the straightest dude alive, and he wants everyone to know about it.

In the December issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Mendes opened up about his sexuality. For most of his adult life, he’s been battling “he’s gay!” rumors. Online trolls and probably even a few of his friends at some point have claimed he was gay.

And as a super straight person, this has bugged the hell out of Mendes. He says for the past five years, it’s been his biggest concern…

“I’d like to say I don’t care about it, but that’s not true. In the back of my heart, I feel like I need to go be seen with someone—like a girl—in public, to prove to people that I’m not gay. Even though in my heart I know that it’s not a bad thing. There’s still a piece of me that thinks that. And I hate that side of me.”

Two years ago, Mendes addressed the rumors directly. After reading comments on his YouTube channel, he went on Snapchat and told everyone they’re lucky he isn’t gay…

“I thought, ‘You f–king guys are so lucky I’m not actually gay and terrified of coming out.’ That’s something that kills people. That’s how sensitive it is. Do you like the songs? Do you like me? Who cares if I’m gay?”

Even today, the rumors are still a major annoyance. Earlier this year, Taylor Swift asked him for permission to post a video of her applying glittery eye makeup to his face during her tour.

He said yes, but then immediately regretted his answer because he knew it would fuel the fire…

“I felt sick. I was like, ‘F–k, why did I let her post that?’ I just fed the fire that I’m terrified of.  Maybe I am a little more feminine—but that’s the way it is. That’s why I am me.”

Don’t sweat it, man. Or sweat it a lot and rub your body against another sweaty, male body. It’s not gay.

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