Kevin Durant Twists Drake’s Nipple, Then Gives Him His Jersey After Game…ARE THEY DATING? (VIDEO)

Drake and Kevin Durant sparked romance rumors on Thursday night as they flirted with each other during the Warriors vs Raptors game.

Heck, at one point, there was even a little foreplay action as Durant walked over to Drake and gave his titty a little twist.

Check out the clip below…



Damn. Drake seemed to really enjoy that. After the Raptors beat the Warriors in overtime, Durant went up to Drake and gave him the jersey off his sweaty back.



Pretty adorable stuff. On the real though, Durant and Drake actually have a lot in common. They both hit the scene being known as a “nice guy,” and over time, they’ve been trying to shake that image off.

These videos won’t help, though. They be looking super nice here. Maybe even a little too nice.

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