Held At Gunpoint: Magic Johnson’s Daughter Elisa Escapes Terrifying Home Invasion In California

Sunday morning is typically a time of relaxation, multiple bowls of cereal, and snuggles in the bedroom.

But Magic Johnson’s daughter, Elisa, had none of that this past Sunday morning. According to the reports, she was staying inside an Airbnb with her friends in the San Fernando Valley.

At least 10 people were inside the home when two armed men entered and held everyone at gunpoint. Elisa was in the bedroom when she heard the commotion in the living room, so she went out the sliding glass door at the back of the home and ran down the street for help.

While she was running for her life, the two gunmen cleaned out the house. They stole a Rolex, cash and several electronics. Reports say they probably made off with at least $30k worth of stuff.

Thankfully, no one was shot or injured. Police are still investigating. It’s not yet known if the gunmen smashed a window or door to enter, or if the home was unlocked. Insiders say everyone was terrified because the gunmen were shoving people around and flashing their weapons.

Hopefully they catch the dudes. I know that house is probably going to get a one-star rating from everyone who was staying there.

“Wouldn’t recommend. Was held at gunpoint and pooped my pants.” 

Might want to take that listing off the market for a bit. Just saying.

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