What’s Cardi B’s Biggest Expense As A New Mom? Offset Gives Us The Details

When Cardi B first hit the scene, you probably didn’t think, “Huh. She looks like she’s ready to be a mom,” but here she is, doing the mom life. Cardi gave birth to her daughter Kulture back in July.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Cardi’s husband Offset revealed Cardi’s biggest expense as a new mother.

“She’s flying private jets for baby girl to be with her. She’s paying a lot of money, but it’s all love for Kulture. And that’s who she do everything for first and I respect it. She’s a new mom. A lot of new moms don’t know what to do. She’s learning fast. We’re growing together and it’s the best thing.” 

Kulture getting that private jet life early. I knew Cardi was ballin’, but I didn’t know she was taking private jets from coast to coast.

Offset also revealed that his three other children from previous relationships will be joining Cardi and Kulture for Christmas…

“It’s going to be a family-oriented thing. We all get along. We are all good. So it’s going to be a big Christmas.”

More power to them. That’s what Christmas is all about. Quality family time.

Well, that and all the presents. I mean, no one would really care about Christmas without presents. Look at Thanksgiving. Yeah, we celebrate it, but ain’t no one jumping up and down for it.

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