Tyler Perry Makes The Christmas Season A Lot Brighter For Several Families, Drops Over $400k At Walmart!

Tyler Perry has a lot of money, but he also gives away a lot of money. Perry is a pretty charitable guy in general, but this week in Atlanta he really went all out.

According to the reports, Perry went to a Walmart in Atlanta and a Walmart in Douglasville and wrote two big checks to pay for all the items currently on layaway. He dropped $178k in one store and another $256k in the other.

So now every customer who had an item on layaway will be able to stop by the Walmart and pick up their items for a penny.

Tyler made a video about the charitable act after the news went viral…



What a good dude, but damn it sucks to be someone who put something on layaway at 9:31 in the morning. YOU MISSED IT BY TWO MINUTES!

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