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Queer Eye’s Tan France Calls Out TSA For Racial Profiling Three Times In One Week

Netflix’s reboot of ‘Queer Eye‘ might have made Tan France a huge star, but apparently every TSA agent out there has failed to add it to their queue.

France, who is Pakistani, went on his Twitter account Wednesday to talk about the miserable flying week he’s had. He revealed he’s been “put through extra security checks three times this week,” despite having TSA pre-check.

He went on his Instagram story account to explain exactly what is happening…

“What happens is when you’re checking in, they tell you that you can’t use your pre-check because there’s a security issue. At that point they take you out of line, and then they search you, and they give you a pat down—which is humiliating—where they check everything.”

To make matters worse, they marked his ticket with a stamp that was not familiar to ticket agents, so he was unable to board for a short period of time.

He tagged the official TSA Twitter account, writing, “hopefully they’ll see this at some point and figure out why the f–k they’re treating me like this. Because I know the answer. I know why I’m being profiled.”

For what it’s worth, the TSA responded with this weak statement…

“All airline passengers, regardless of race, gender, or religion, are thoroughly screened at airport screening checkpoints. TSA cannot comment on the security designation for specific individuals, and there are a number of reasons a passenger can be selected for additional screening, including by random designation.”

It ain’t random. Come on now. As a white dude, I’ve never been selected for random screenings, and I’m pretty sure I never will.

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