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Retired NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo Flies Out 8-Year-Old Boy With Large Tumor To U.S. For Surgery (VIDEO)

You probably remember Dikembe Mutombo from his 18 seasons in the NBA. The legend, who stands over 7 feet tall, is one of the nicest dudes to ever play the game.

And it looks like his big heart has followed him to retirement. According to TMZ, Mutombo flew an 8-year-old boy from Africa to Los Angeles, so he could receive surgery to remove a large tumor on his face. The 52-year-old NBA star met this boy in September at the hospital he built in Congo.

“I was touched by what he’s going through as a young boy who’s 8 years old. Not going to school. The way he’s been pushed away by the society. His mom has to keep him in the bedroom every day because people are talking bad about him.” 

He knew right then that he wanted to help him. He flew him to LAX this week and met him at the airport. The boy is scheduled to be operated on by Dr. Osborne in Beverly Hills for free. The hope is to give this dude a normal life, where he can return to school and just be a kid again.

We’ll keep you posted on this story. Our thoughts and prayer go out to his family during the surgery!

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