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Blake Griffin Has To Be Held Back From Fighting A Fan During Game Against The Timberwolves (VIDEO)


Blake Griffin is an absolute beast of a human. The NBA star stands at 6’10 and is a solid 250 pounds. If you talk smack about him, you better make sure he’s not in the same building as you are.

A fan in Minnesota almost died after talking trash to Griffin during Wednesday night’s game. It’s not clear what exactly the fan said to Griffin, but what is clear is that Griffin was prepared to kick some serious ass.

You can hear him yell at the fan and ask, “What the f**k did you say to me?” as he walks toward him. Thankfully for the fan, Griffin’s teammates were there to hold him back. The fan was ejected from the game, and he reportedly waved to the crowd as he left. The dude must have been wasted, ’cause he didn’t seem to realize he narrowly escaped certain death.

Griffin was not disciplined during the game for the mini altercation, but he could be slapped with a fine. As a player, you have to learn to mute the hecklers. You can’t be letting that sh*t get to you.

Although, maybe these hecklers are getting more personal because this seems to be happening a lot lately. Check out Kevin Durant getting pissed during a game against the Mavericks a few weeks ago…


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