Cardi B Drops Her Video For “Money” and it’s Another Win!  There’s Enough Eye Candy for Men and Women!

Kudos to Cardi.  2018 has been a year of winning for the stripper, turned reality star, turned music artist.  She is a testament of assembling a solid team and going after that money before it’s gone.  She’s inspiration to anyone who has ever slid down a pole for profit.  That being said, we don’t necessarily want that being a planned career path for our girls.  Caridi is an anomaly, one can not plan on being a Cardi B.

Unfortunately, this video doesn’t help.  At All.  It’s a masterpiece of money and strippers.  I’ve read enough views on the video where collectively it’s being viewed as somewhat a work of art.  Of course it is, all music videos are, but it’s not genius.  It’s money, a whole lot of ass, nipples, Cardi B breast feeding and Cardi B playing the piano naked.  The End.  However, all of that with a dope soundtrack just happens to be a helluva entertaining video.   Another win for Cardi.

There was a dope team pulling this entire effort together. It’s extremely well done. #respect:
DPs: @robwittdidit @joelabisi_asc
Cam op: @connorobrien310
Video Editor: @vinniehobbs
Beauty/VFX: @skulley
Color: @ariannashiningstar
Production Designers: @briell_a
bank scene – @c_what_hapns_larry
Choreographer: @tanishascott
EP: @kxreemjxhnsxn
Producers: @toezan @brienjust
Label/Management: @sthuby @atlanticrecords @iam_kingpee


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