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Kansas City Royals Prospect Brady Singer Signs $4.5 Million Contract, Then Pays Off His Parents’ Debt On Christmas! (VIDEO)

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean the good vibes must stop. A Kansas City Royals prospect named Brady Singer signed a $4.5 million contract this past summer with the Royals. That’s A LOT of money for an 18th overall draft pick, but the kid has a lot of potential.

The right-handed pitcher is getting ready for Spring Training (which is now just two months away) but before he gets there, he wanted to surprise his parents with a very special Christmas gift.

In the video below, you can see Singer’s mother reading a letter that was written by Brady. In the letter, he thanks both his mom and dad for taking time off work to travel to his little league games. For buying him equipment, food on the road, travel costs, and of course all those Gatorade bottles.

After thanking them, he then revealed he was going to pay off all their debt, so they wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Check out the sweet video below…



Could you imagine if he didn’t help them out though? I’ve always wondered about that. There has to be some athletes who were selfish with their money and only bought their parents a new TV or some shit. Must be awkward in that house, like, “I DID ALL THAT FOR YOU! 18 YEARS OF BEING THERE FOR YOU AND YOU PAY ME BACK WITH A F**KING SAMSUNG?”

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