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Miley Cyrus Confirms Wedding, Posts Funky Video Of Her Getting Down To ‘Uptown Funk’ In Her Wedding Dress

We told you earlier this week that it was highly likely that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were married. One of their friends, a surfer named Conrad Carr, made it pretty obvious by posting photos to his Instagram stories. Those photos included “Mr. and Mrs.” balloons and Miley and Liam cutting a cake together. If you missed it, click on this link.

A few days after the photos went viral, Miley went on her social media accounts to confirm the news. She went on her Instagram account and posted a few photos from her wedding day. She captioned the photos, “10 years later…12.23.18”

It’s been a long road for Miley and Liam. Dating for a few years, splitting for a short time, and then getting back together. It’s nice to see they finally got their dream wedding.

And it’s safe to say, Miley was feeling really good on her wedding night. She went on her Twitter account and posted the video you see below, which shows her getting down to Uptown Funk



She has certainly grown a lot since the days of grinding all over the not-so-clean Robin Thicke…#YUCK

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