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Kanye West Looks Back At 2018, Says It Was A Wonderful Drug Free Year Full Of Creativity

Some people might look back at Kanye West’s 2018 and think, “Damn. That was difficult to watch,” but West doesn’t see it that way.

The 41-year-old rapper went on his Twitter account on Sunday night to talk about how “beautiful” 2018 was, which again, not sure anyone would look back at 2018 and think beauty, but Kanye dances to the beat of his own drum.

“We’re super happy. 2018 was so beautiful. I got to be myself and nobody had to ‘let me.’ I’m drug free and my spirit is connected. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. We feel soooo much love. So much good energy. So much good will.”

He also talked about how he and Kim are “stronger than ever,” and looked back at his new music, designs and ideas, “We changing everything [every day] the vision is crystal. Refresh,” he tweeted.


From there, he thanked his “real fans” who made it through 2018 with him and his MAGA hat…

“We appreciate all the real ones who made it through 2018 with us. Thank goodness for all of our fans and supporters. Even the haters haters are fans too.”

Okay then. He seems pretty optimistic, which is a good thing. We could all be a little more optimistic going forward. The world ain’t all sh*t. There are some flowers and chocolate mixed in there. Just do your best not to pick up the turds. #realtalk

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