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Rapper CupcakKe Has Been Hospitalized After Sending Out Suicidal Message On Twitter

Some troubling news to report today. Rapper CupcakKe has been hospitalized after tweeting out a disturbing message on her Twitter account.

The 21-year-old performer went on Twitter Monday night and tweeted, “I’m about to commit suicide,” which obviously made her fans worry. Several people sent her messages of love and support, while others called 911 to see if they could send someone to check on her.

A few hours later, Chicago police confirmed to E! News that she was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

“Elijah Daniel, who appears to be the rapper’s friend, also shared updates on her via Twitter, telling fans that the police had received several calls and were trying to find her address. Ultimately, according to Daniel, they were able to perform a wellness check and took her to the hospital.”

Daniel also tweeted out the following message…

“Ive never felt so relieved and sad at the same time, @CupcakKe_rapper i love you more than you’ll ever know. You’re one of the sweetest souls ive ever had the pleasure of knowing, and you’re not leaving us. we won’t let it happen.”

Fans of CupcakKe might recall a tweet of hers from August, where she talked about her depression…

“So I wasn’t gone say nothing but I try to be as positive as possible but I just want to say I’m at a very low & depressed point in my life , I didn’t realize it until I went 4 days without eatting , I kn this may not make sense but food made me happy , people made me happy also.”

Hopefully she is getting the help she needs! We don’t need to lose another one. Too many young people out there taking their own lives.

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