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Helpful Or A Douche? Jake Gyllenhaal Interrupts Filmmaker Dan Gilroy To Correct His Pronunciation Of “Melancholy” (VIDEO)

Filmmaker Dan Gilroy has written some truly outstanding films in his career, including the Oscar nominated film Nightcrawler, but that doesn’t mean he’s a master of the English language.

There is one word that trips him up all the time, and that word is melancholy. For some reason, he just can’t remember how it’s pronounced, and instead of exchanging it for another word, he continues to goof it up in interviews.

And during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gilroy was joined by his ‘Velvet Buzzsaw‘ cast. While talking about his wife’s (Rene Russo) performance in the movie, he explained how he wanted to show all the sides to her that hadn’t been shown before.

I wanted the world to see them: Soulful, spiritual. She has a touch of melancholy once in a while.

He butchered the word, though. I’m not even sure how he pronounced it. I’ve never heard anyone pronounce it the way he did.

Jake Gyllenhaal was shook. He couldn’t bite his tongue. Instead, he interrupted Gilroy and said, “It’s melancholy, Dan!” before adding, “That is not the first time today.”

Like we said, this is apparently a known issue with Gilroy. Watch Rene’s face right before he says the word…she could see it was coming, lol.

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