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Netflix Has A New Dating Show Coming, And The Trailer Promises Lots Of Awkwardness (VIDEO)

Netflix has original TV shows, movies, cooking shows, game shows, and now it’s premiering an original dating show. It’s basically 40 channels rolled into one, and we freaking love it.

The new dating show titled, Dating Around, will premiere on Valentine’s Day. It features one single person going on five first dates in each episode, which means there is lots of room for awkwardness.

The trailer shows some good dates and some extremely awkward ones. Cringe might play a strong role in this show as you might be reminded of some terrible first dates in your past.

Netflix says this series will provide an “honest and compelling look at the real world of dating,” which sounds nice and all, but why didn’t they title this show, “Netflix and Chill”? IT WAS RIGHT THERE FOR YOU!

Check out the trailer below. The series will feature multiple races, ages and sexual orientations. It looks good, but it also looks a little overproduced, which might result in a corny a** product.

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