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Khloe…KLOSE YOUR EYES! Tristan Thompson Seen Flirting With Multiple Girls On Valentine’s Day

Khloe Kardashian made the decision to forgive NBA star Tristan Thompson, even after he cheated on her multiple times while she was pregnant with their first child together. Many people questioned her decision, but she was firm and wanted a happy little family.

Well, after a few months of good behavior from Tristan, it looks like he went back to his cheating ways. A few days ago, insiders claimed Khloe broke things off with Tristan after the cheating continued. They allegedly split a couple weeks ago, and it looks like Thompson gives zero f**ks.

Thompson flew into Los Angeles last week and spent Valentine’s Day flirting with girls at a bar.

“Tristan was being flirty, hitting up girls,” a source told Us Weekly. He took photos with the girls and then had dinner with “a couple of pals” in Sherman Oaks. And just days before this ~event,~ Tristan was spotted with more women at a bar in Cleveland.

He came in the back door and he was snuck quickly through the back by two or three bouncers. They took him immediately upstairs. There were some girls who went up afterward. One of the bouncers said, ‘Tristan Thompson is upstairs,’ and they just said, ‘Really?’ and he took them up there.

Here’s the thing though, if you’ve been following Khloe’s social media accounts, then it looks as if she is still with Thompson.

On Valentine’s Day, she posted the photo you see below…

What the hell, right? It’s all pretty confusing. Sources say one thing, Thompson’s actions at the bar say the same thing, but Khloe comes in and says something completely different.

ARE THEY TOGETHER? IS THOMPSON CHEATING? Or do they have some weird open relationship thing going on? We need answers.

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