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U.S. Olympic Cyclist Kelly Catlin Dead At 23 After Apparent Suicide, Is A Concussion To Blame?

Some extremely sad news to report today. U.S. Olympic track cyclist Kelly Catlin has died at the age of 23. According to her father, she took her own life inside her California home. Catlin was a three-time world champion over the course of her pro sports career. She was also pursuing a graduate degree in computational mathematics at Stanford. 

And while her father didn’t go into detail about her death, Catlin’s sister did give some details in a Reddit post. Apparently, Catlin killed herself by inhaling a bunch of helium. She also said Catlin had been acting different the past month or two.

She just felt like she couldn’t say no to everything that was asked of her, and this was her only escape. She had suffered a concussion a few months ago and had not been the same mentally ever since. She was overtraining, and she needed a break. She clearly needed a break after the concussion because she couldn’t train as hard as she used to. She was seeing bright lights, getting horrible headaches and having racing thoughts, and still trying to go as hard as ever.

Obviously, no one can say for sure if the concussion triggered her death, but with all the information we know about concussions and how they can f**k with your brain, it would not at all be surprising.

It’s just another reminder that we need to take concussions seriously…ALWAYS. And we’re not just talking about athletes. Even if your out of shape, uncoordinated a** falls in the bathroom, you need to watch yourself carefully!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Catlin’s friends and family.

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