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Megachurch Pastor John Gray Admits To Having ‘Emotional Affair’ On Wife, But Claims It Was Never Sexual (VIDEO)

I should probably warn you that I find megachurch pastors to be some of the most disgusting, slimiest humans on the Earth. You can watch the video above to catch a glimpse on why I think that. I’m telling you this because I might be talking some smack in this article. THERE MIGHT BE A BIAS HERE IS ALL I’M SAYING.

So the drama surrounding megachurch pastor John Gray started back in December when he bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini SUV for their eighth anniversary. People had a problem with this because, well, the people he preaches to every Sunday morning have a median household income of $54,000. That means half the people living in town make less than that.

Meanwhile, this Gray character comes in, takes over a church with a membership of over 22,000, and flaunts his wealth. But okay, whatever, right? He promised he didn’t use any of the church’s money to buy the vehicle. It all came from his book deal and his reality show on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

It’s still money he made from spreading the word of God, but at least (so he claims) he didn’t take any money directly from the church. Cool.

Great. Drama be gone, right?

Except now there are claims he pulled a Kobe Bryant on his wife. Rumors started swirling that he cheated on his wife and bought her the expensive vehicle to make up for it. During a recent appearance on ‘The Real,’ Gray claims he briefly had an emotional affair with another woman.

It’s important for me to take responsibility for the areas where I did come up short. Sharing things about my marriage, outside of my wife and outside of trusted counselors, is an emotional affair. It was wrong. I take responsibility for that. But I will not take responsibility for that which I did not do. But being in the presence of someone is not the same as sleeping with them. I did not sleep with anyone.

What about the Lambo? Well, he once again assured everyone that not one cent of the church fund contributed to the purchase, “This is a husband blessing his wife, because that is what a man should do — within his means.”

And his wife loved the gift, by the way. When Gray was getting slammed by people online, she defended him by saying…

I don’t see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do while you paying $$$ to see them play in arenas and on fields. We don’t live for people! We live for God!

There are so many things wrong with that statement. I mean, sh*t if she thinks they are simply entertainers, then why is this church of entertainment not being taxed? If people are just showing up every Sunday to be entertained, then why are we calling it a church at all? They’re going to see a show! And entertainment shows get taxed!

And if you’re truly living for God, then why the hell would you even want a $200,000 vehicle? I mean, buy what you want with your money, but don’t claim at the same time you’re living for God. You think God gives a sh*t what car you’re driving? You think he’s going to come back down to Earth and be like, “Hm. What you driving, a 2003 Honda Accord? Sorry. You’re not worthy…off to hell you go!”

When you buy a Lamborghini you ARE living for people. God certainly doesn’t care about your car. People do, though. It’s a clear sign of wealth, and that’s fine if you want to show it. Gray has book deals and his TV shows…he’s got money and he can spend it however he wants, but damn does it piss me off when these people hide behind God.

As you can see, I have trust issues. I’m just saying, if I ever put my trust in a pastor, you better believe they wouldn’t have a mansion, a private jet or a car worth $200,000. They wouldn’t live like a f**king Kardashian.

None of this should be surprising though. Gray has learned from one of the best worst in the business, Joel Osteen.

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