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YBN Almighty Jay Trying To Recover After Brutal Attack, Had To Get Over 300 Stitches! (PHOTO)

Well, damn. Rapper YBN Almighty Jay, who is best known for being Blac Chyna’s boy toy for a short time, has been trying to recover from a severe beating he received on Friday.

According to the reports, Jay was in the hospital for a couple of days following the attack/robbery, which happened at around midnight in the lobby of a residential building in Manhattan.

Apparently, a group of attackers (including Zae Numbafive) jumped him and sliced him up pretty good.

Jay was stabbed several times and suffered severe face lacerations after someone cracked a Hennessy bottle over his head. Reports claim he needed at least 300 stitches. Sources say Jay was the one who reported the incident to police, but when they tried to interview him, he became uncooperative. Several other witnesses denied to comment as well.

As we reported … YBN Almighty Jay’s alleged attackers are flaunting the rapper’s stolen chain in a new music video — right on the heels of J Prince putting out an APB to his ‘mob ties’ to nab Zae and his crew.

Our sources say the alleged attackers posted on social media about jumping Jay after the incident — showing off personal items they jacked like his shoes and ID.

No words, man. No words. You already know.

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