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‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Is Shocked By Women’s Periods And Compares Them To Pooping Your Pants (VIDEO)

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It looks like there was a reason Colton Underwood was a virgin for so many years, the dude knows virtually nothing about girls. The Bachelor alum, who is 27-years-old, was on some E! News ‘Ask Me Anything’ video this week, and one of the cohosts of the show asked him a simple question.

Does he notice if his girlfriend is wearing cute, sexy underwear or period underwear.

Colton was shocked by this question, apparently not knowing that girls have designated period underwear, “You keep em’ around? Buy new underwear! Throw them away!” he said visibly disgusted.

Yes. Colton wants girls to buy new underwear every single month for 30 or 40 years. That seems rational, right?

When the hosts tried to explain to him how wasteful that would be, and there is such thing as a washing machine, Colton replied by comparing periods to pooping your pants…

I, as a husband and a boyfriend, will go buy you new underwear. That is so gross! So if you s–t your pants, are you gonna just wash them? No, you’re throwing them away.

This dude right here. He has a lot to learn. There’s no way he’s satisfying whoever he matched up with on The Bachelor. This dude don’t know sh*t about a pu**y. THAT’S JUST A FACT! I bet he doesn’t go down. No way he goes down.

And 0% chance that he eats the booty.

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