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Justin Bieber Is Dropping A New Song With Lil Dicky Next Week, Get The Details Inside!

If you don’t know much about Lil Dicky, well, you should change that. He started off on YouTube, making humorous rap songs that were surprisingly catchy as hell. And while his new sh*t still has comedic flair, you can tell he’s trying to turn a corner. He wants to make legit bops.

He and Chris Brown teamed up last year for ‘Freaky Friday‘, which peaked at number eight on the Billboard 100. The music video has nearly 500 million views on YouTube.

And now, Lil Dicky is trying to top the charts again, this time with a little help from Justin Bieber. Dicky went on his Twitter account this week to let his fans know he’d be dropping a new song and music video next week…

Justin Bieber retweeted the post to his followers, but he did not give any indication he would be featured in it.

But according to TMZ sources, Bieber is definitely featured in the song. It’ll be the first song featuring Bieber’s vocals since July 2018 when he made appearance on the ‘No Brainer‘ track with DJ Khaled.

Bieber hasn’t released a solo album since 2015, but that could be changing soon, especially if this song with Lil Dicky is a hit. I’m actually really excited to hear this track, mainly because of Lil Dicky. The dude is super talented.

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