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[UPDATED] The Best Video You’ll Watch This Week: A Drunk Nicolas Cage Performs The Angriest Version Of ‘Purple Rain’ You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)


He went back to the karaoke spot, and this time, we got a longer clip of him singing Purple Rain…


Sometimes God comes down and gives us a special gift. We never know when these special gifts are coming, but we sure are grateful when they appear.

The latest gift from God? A drunk Nicolas Cage performing a very angry karaoke version of Prince’s Purple Rain. This video is almost perfect. We say almost because it’s not nearly long enough.

(ignore the nerdy white dude who randomly inserts himself into the middle of the clip, focus on Cage)

This glorious performance went down on Sunday night at a spot in Koreatown in Los Angeles. We don’t know if he’s a regular at this joint or not, but if so, you can bet I’ll be there in the front row next Sunday night…with my underwear in my hand ready to be thrown onstage.

No word on if this emotional performance was sparked by his recent 4-day marriage, which ended when he filed for an annulment. As we told you the other day, his ex-wife is now asking for spousal support. Pretty crazy considering they were married for just four days!

Anyway, this video is great and if you don’t see why, keep watching it on repeat until you get it.

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