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Kelly Clarkson Pulls Power Move, Reveals She Hosted The 2019 Billboard Music Awards While Battling Appendicitis Attack!

Damn. The next time you want to call in sick to work because you have a cold, you might want to remember what Kelly Clarkson did this week.

As you all know, she hosted the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday night. I didn’t watch the show, but from everything I’ve read, she absolutely killed it. She even performed onstage twice during the night!

Why are we amazed by this? Because for the past week, she had been dealing with extreme pain from a bout of appendicitis. After hosting the show on Wednesday, Clarkson had to fly back to Los Angeles to undergo surgery to remove her appendix.

And she’s expected to return to ‘The Voice‘ on Monday, which means she’ll have just a small break over the next three days. Pretty crazy.

You know, we hear about celebrities performing while in incredible pain or athletes like Michael Jordan playing with the flu, and I have a theory about this. Why (or even how?) can they do these amazing things while it’s difficult for the average person to deal with a cold? I think it’s because they know they’re going to be cared for.

They have millions of dollars. They basically control how, when and where they get treated. If a working mom or dad gets sick, it’s a bigger deal. They can’t afford to take time off work, their insurance might not cover the sh*t they need, and instead of going to some swanky doctor’s office, they’re forced to go to some dingy a** urgent care.

It’s just different. Money changes a lot of things. That being said, people like Kelly Clarkson and Michael Jordan got to where they’re at by working their butts off, so that’s a factor as well. They are tough. Most people think celebrities have it easy (and it’s true they do) but before it became easy, it was really, really, really hard.

I don’t know, I’m rambling now.

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