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The Haters Come Out For Kim Kardashian After Seeing Her Body During 2019 Met Gala Appearance

That thing happened last night where a bunch of wealthy celebrities play dress up together while the rest of us worry about bills and the odd looking mole on the back of our necks…that last one just might be me.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended the 2019 Meta Gala together last night, and Kim stole the show with a figure-squeezing design by Mugler. And as you can see from the photos, her body looks ridiculously tight.

That waist-to-hip ratio looks like something that was created in a lab. Haters came out from their poorly lit rooms to comment on Kim’s body, claiming it had to be manipulated to look like that.

But Kim’s personal trainer, Melisa Alcantara, defended her client by firing back at the trolls on Instagram…

To make things clear. 1. This dress is corseted BUT 2. Kim trains her ass off 6 days a f–king week, she wakes up early AF and is dedicated. 3. I paved the road for her but SHE did the work! MOST IMPORTANTLY I don’t give s–t about your opinions on her body, if you think [it’s] fake or not! I see her every morning, I see her train and I see her sweat and I see all the work she does outside the gym and THAT is commendable!

Kim reposted the message to her own Instagram account, and while it shut some of the haters up, it didn’t shut them all up.

Kim will never be free from the haters, and honestly, I think she designed it that way. She knows the haters play an important role in maintaining her relevancy. You need a nice balance of love and hate to keep your name in the headlines.

Anyway, check out her interview below. She explains that the designer wanted her to look as if she just stepped out of the ocean. Also, what has Kanye so distracted? Dude is like a kid at the grocery store.

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