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LOL WHAT THE HELL! Surveillance Footage Shows Dennis Rodman In Some Bizarre Clothing Heist At VIBES Hot Yoga Studio (VIDEO)

This might be the saddest/goofiest video we’ve seen all damn year. The owners of an upscale yoga studio in Newport Beach are accusing Dennis Rodman and his three friends of stealing over $500 worth of clothing and breaking a $2,500 crystal.

The absolutely bizarre incident went down at VIBES Hot Yoga, a very popular spot with celebrities in Newport Beach. At around 12:45 pm on Tuesday, Rodman entered the studio with two women and one man.

Almost immediately after they arrived, things got weird — the owner tells us Dennis began distracting employees while the woman in a long-sleeved green shirt began stuffing clothing into her purse. At one point, the woman hides behind Rodman while she tucks a shirt away.

And then the man who was with them pulled out a dolly from thin air and grabbed the $2,500 crystal art piece from the front desk. He claimed he wanted to purchase it, but as he put it on the dolly, he dropped it on the ground, which caused it to shatter.

Eventually, the entire crew leaves the store with the shattered crystal piece on the dolly. The owner tells us everyone in the group refused to pay. Dennis actually blamed the staff for the broken crystal.

The owner tells us … the gang left the store with more than $500 in stolen clothing, plus the broken crystal — so they went to police and filed a theft report.

The employees inside the store claim Rodman and his cronies smelled like alcohol, so they had probably been drinking since they woke up, or maybe they hadn’t been to sleep yet. Who knows.

Rodman’s’ attorney has declined to comment on the situation, but he’s probably pretty nervous for his client. Rodman is still on probation from a drunk driving incident back in January of 2018.

If he gets charged in this theft, he could be in a lot of trouble.

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