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Celebrities Celebrate Their Mothers By Reading Embarrassing Texts From Them! (VIDEO)

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, so hopefully you got the mother in your life something special. Hopefully you’re not getting her flowers for the 20th time in a row. Just because she likes flowers doesn’t mean she likes getting them every single year! PUT SOME THOUGHT BEHIND YO’ GIFT!

Anyway, instead of having celebrities read mean tweets this week, Jimmy Kimmel decided to have them read funny/embarrassing tweets from their mothers.

Several stars participated in the hilarious video, including Billie Eilish, Pink, the Kardashians, David Harbour, Regina Hall and many more.

What’s interesting is you can kind of tell how old their moms are by how they text. For example, we’re going to assume Regina’s mom is old as hell ’cause…what the hell was what?

You could say the same thing about Katy Perry’s mom. I mean, I think I got what she was saying, but why was she saying it? Like what were the texts leading up to that? That’s what I wanna know. If I know anything about moms, that advice was completely unprompted.

Katy was probably like, “Hey, mom. How are you?” and then she responded with that mess.

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