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Blac Chyna Gets Into Nasty Fight With Her Hairdresser And Part Of It Was Caught On Surveillance Footage, Check Out The Wild Video!

Blac Chyna can’t stay out of trouble. Early in the morning on Saturday, Chyna and her hairdresser got into an argument at her San Fernando Valley home over money Chyna owed the hairdresser.

The argument got heated real quick and the hairdresser claims Chyna pulled a knife on her. The hairdresser actually filed a police report, claiming Chyna threatened her with the knife. Chyna’s 6-year-old son King was apparently home at the time, so the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is also investigating.

The good news for Chyna is that the surveillance footage from the incident seems to back up her claims that the hairdresser threw soda cans at her car.

The video seems to back Chyna’s claim the hairdresser threw soda cans at her Rolls Royce. The stylist seems to be lugging something … aiming for the expensive whip and launching what looks like cans.

At no point does Chyna pull out a knife; however, this footage doesn’t show everything. We don’t know what happened inside the house. It’s possible she could have pulled a knife off camera. But if we’re just going by the surveillance footage, it definitely looks like the hairdresser was the aggressor.

That being said, Chyna was quick to take off those shoes and use them as weapons! She clearly has experience in the art of shoe throwing.

Chyna seems to have constant problems with her staff. She and her makeup artist got into a fight at her home back in January. The police were called to the house during that incident.


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