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Wendy Williams’ Son Arrested After Punching His Father Kevin Hunter!

There is more family drama in the wonderfully complicated life of Wendy Williams. According to the initial reports coming out of New Jersey, Wendy’s son Kevin Jr. went to their family home to pick something up.

He didn’t know his father, Kevin Hunter, was there. Things haven’t been great with them ever since the split. Even though it was awkward at first, they talked and everything appeared to be going well.

Just after midnight, they went to the store and that’s where things got heated. The initial report claims they started arguing because Kevin Sr. has been demanding spousal support from Wendy, which is a bit ridiculous considering he ruined everything with his affair. We could see how Kevin Jr. would be pissed about that.

Kevin Sr. allegedly accused Wendy of brainwashing Kevin Jr., and that’s when Kevin Sr. put his kid in a headlock. Kevin Jr. defended himself by punching his father in the nose.

That’s the ORIGINAL story. But the updates coming out have made everything a little more complicated. Sources say Kevin Sr. was talking to his son about creating his own path in life. He told his son he needed to work hard on his own and not depend on Wendy the rest of his life.

Kevin Jr. didn’t like this fatherly advice and decided to punch him. He was arrested for assault, but thankfully Kevin Sr. did not press charges.

Kevin Sr. told TMZ, “I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear.”

Geez. Talk about a broken family. I mean, Kevin Sr. is technically right. Kevin Jr. should create his own path to success; however, I can totally see why Kevin Jr. wouldn’t want to hear it from his lying, cheating a** father.

Wendy’s in a tough place right now. They all need to go to counseling.

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