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Dwyane Wade Gives Surprise (And Heartfelt) Speech During Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Graduation (VIDEO)

The NBA lost two of the nicest players to ever play the game this past season with the retirement of both Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki. It was an emotional ride seeing them say their goodbyes on the court, but thankfully it was simply just that. A goodbye ON THE COURT.

Wade proved that while he might be retired from the NBA, he has not retired from the community. The 37-year-old athlete made a surprise appearance at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduation in Parkland, Florida.

He stood onstage in front of hundreds of graduating seniors and gave a pretty powerful speech. As you all know, back on February 14, 2018, a gunman opened fire in the school and killed 17 people. It was a horrific shooting and the students inside the school all came together to say they’ve had enough. If the adults inside the White House weren’t going to advocate for gun laws, they’d do it themselves. They also organized the now worldwide protest March for Our Lives, which kicked off back in March of 2018.

Wade visited the students over a year ago shortly after the shooting, and during his graduation speech, he talked about how nervous he was for that first meeting…

I remember thinking to myself, ‘I’ve never heard this kind of silence before in my life.’ So, I started thinking about what I heard on the news and everything I read on social media. I immediately started getting butterflies in my stomach.

I remember being so nervous to see and meet everybody. What would I say? I mean, I grew up in the inner city of Chicago and I’ve experienced a lot of awful things, but I’ve never experienced anything to the magnitude that you guys have just experienced. So, I remember walking in and meeting the staff and actually being surprised that everyone was excited to see me.

He talked about how proud he was of the students for becoming advocates. “You became the voices for kids all around the world,” he told them.

Wade ended the speech by sharing a little call-and-response chant to get the students fired up.

Good on Wade. You can tell he was way out of his comfort zone. We’re sure this was more terrifying for him than a game 7 in the NBA finals.

But he did it.

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