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Linda Fairstein Has Resigned From Nonprofit Organization After ‘When They See Us’ Netflix Series Correctly Puts Her On Blast

People all over the country are claiming sweet, sweet victory today after it was revealed Linda Fairstein has resigned from her position on the board of Safe Horizon, a nonprofit aiding victims of abuse and violent crime in New York City.

For those who don’t know, Fairstein was anything but fair to the Central Park 5. She was heavily involved in the wrongful prosecution of the boys.

She was head of the Manhattan D.A.’s Sex Crimes Unit in 1989 when the 5 boys were convicted … and her role in coercing confessions is sparking renewed outrage.

This renewed outrage is all thanks to Ava DuVernay’s new Netflix series, When They See Us, which premiered on the streaming giant this past weekend. Felicity Huffman plays Fairstein in the show, and she plays the role well.

Fairstein had been on the board of Safe Horizon for nearly 20 years, and a majority of the people working for the nonprofit had no idea she was on the board until this past week.

And when they found out, they were not happy.

We’re told the animosity began when the CEO held a meeting on May 21 where nearly 100 directors were informed about the Netflix drama and Fairstein’s connection to it.

We’re told some staffers didn’t even know Fairstein was on the board of directors, and when they found out tempers quickly flared. Many questioned why she was allowed on the board of an organization that mostly serves minorities.

After the CEO asked “for time” to evaluate the situation, Fairstein decided it would be best to simply resign.

A rep for the nonprofit sent out the following statement…

After careful consideration, Linda Fairstein has made the difficult decision to resign from the Safe Horizon Board of Directors. We thank her for her decades of pioneering work on behalf of victims of sexual assault and abuse. For more than 40 years, Safe Horizon’s top priority has been empowering victims and survivors.

I don’t give a f**k what Linda has done for the past 20 years at Safe Horizon. She could save 100 puppies from 100 different burning buildings, and I’d still think she was an evil woman.

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