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John Singleton’s Family Has Hired P.I. Because They’re Suspicious About The Events Leading Up To His Death

From the outside looking in, the death of John Singleton doesn’t seem suspicious at all. He went to the hospital for leg pain and then suffered a massive stroke while inside the hospital. He was in a coma for nearly two weeks before his family decided to let him go.

Seems pretty clear, right? Maybe not. According to a new report from TMZ, the filmmaker’s family has hired a private investigator to find out what happened in the hours before his hospitalization.

No one knows exactly where he was before going to the hospital, and they also don’t know how he even got to the hospital.

We’re told nobody seems to know how Singleton got to the hospital — he didn’t drive himself, no friends or family are saying they took him, and there are no Uber or Lyft receipts to confirm how he arrived.

Even stranger … our sources say hospital staff told family members John just sort of appeared out of nowhere in a wheelchair … and he seemed pretty out of it.

And while that does sound strange, it also sounds like they might be reaching for something. Not that we blame them. If this was our family member, we’d want all the answers too.

But sometimes, the answers are boring. Singleton was obviously in bad shape when he arrived at the hospital, and with his stroke coming on strong, it’s possible he acted strangely in the hours before the event. He probably wasn’t himself. Hell, he could have went on the street and got a ride from a stranger. He could have got a Taxi. Maybe he jumped on an electric scooter, took a bus, got a piggyback ride…who knows.

Like we said though, we can’t blame them for wanting the answers.

We’re told they want to know what John was doing beforehand, who he was communicating with, and whether someone knew he was in bad shape and could have done something sooner to help him.

Here’s to hoping they get some information that gives them closure.

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