Caught on Camera! Lil Xan Pulls Out When Confronted by a Real Life Troll at a Gas Station (VIDEO)

I’m team Lil Xan during this whole incident. I know he said the “N” word, and that’s another whole thing, but not relevant in this story.

The video you see was filmed by a man who by all accounts was trolling Lil Xan. He saw Xan at the gas station and asked him about the comments that Xan made about Tupac, last year. You might remember, Xan called Tupac’s music boring…and we beat that dead horse on social media and it was over and everyone moved on. That is, everyone except this troll.

This guy rolled up to Xan and asked why he talked sh*t about Tupac? With a question like that, you are only looking for trouble. And he found it.

You can hear the guy yell, “THEN DO SOMETHING THEN HOMIE”

Xan did. He pulled out! Then he started to shout back at the guy,

“What the fk you want, bruh?? Get the fk out, n***a!!!”

He was with his girlfriend Annie, who can be heard yelling at the end,

“You started it, you dumb f**k.”

And she was right.

Soon after, Xan and Annie hopped in their car and left. The guy filed a report with LAPD. We’re told detectives are now investigating, and they have seen this video.

Now I’m not the biggest or smallest Lil Xan fan, but if you ask me, he did nothing wrong. In fact the LAPD should charge this troll for “trolling”. He should be fined for some type of harassment.

Xan posted on social to try and control the narrative.

The only advice I would give to Lil Xan is, “don’t pull out unless, you plan to use it”. If Troll McGee would have been strapped, things could have escalated quickly. That being said, you have all rights to defend yourself, especially if you are a celebrity.

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