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Kevin Hart Is Being Sued Again, Thanks To His Security Team…GET THE DETAILS INSIDE!

Kevin Hart is in lots of legal trouble once again, and it’s all because of his security team.

A woman by the name of Carmen Marrero claims back in January she was walking down the sidewalk in New York City when she encountered a group of fans surrounding a building. The fans were waiting for Kevin Hart to leave the building. He was apparently inside celebrating the premiere of his film, The Upside.

As she walked by the group, she claims Hart’s security guards “violently contacted her,” and caused her serious injuries (including a fracture to her face) after pushing her down to the ground.

Court documents obtained by The Blast show that the woman, Carmen Marrero, is suing the Night School star, his company Hartbeat Productions and a security guard over an incident that allegedly took place on January 9.

Admittedly, her story sounds a bit strange. Why did the security guards target her if she was just walking by? Or did she just accidentally get caught in the ruckus?

We’re not saying she’s lying though, especially because Hart’s security team has had trouble in the past. He was sued over his security detail back in 2017 when a man named Jay Collins claimed guards hit him on his head, neck and ribcage. He also claims he was tased and called a “bitch, pu**y, coward.”

He was seeking $50,000, but we do not know if the case was ever settled.

It’s time Hart hired some new guards. Maybe the dude you see in the video below. He showed some great restraint here. He could have killed that munchkin.

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