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Amanda Bynes Facing Lawsuit After Skipping Out On Her Treatment Center Bill

Fans of Amanda Bynes will remember that last year, she gave a pretty inspiring interview. After struggling for years with an eating disorder, drug addiction and other mental issues, Bynes finally got the help she needed and turned her life around.

Sadly, she must have had some sort of setback earlier this year because she briefly checked herself into Creative Care Treatment Center, which is a good thing. It’s great she was able to catch herself slipping.

But unfortunately, she didn’t pay her bill. This according to a new lawsuit filed by the treatment center…

In court documents obtained by E! News, Creative Care claims Amanda ‘was a client at our dual diagnosis residential treatment center. She was at our facility for two days receiving inpatient treatment.’

With a monthly rate of $37,000, the company is asking Amanda to pay two days’ worth of fees that equals out to approximately $2,467.

According to those super accurate “net worth” sites, Bynes is still worth $4 million, so one would think she’d be able to afford a $2,400 bill.

But who knows if she actually has that much money. Who knows how much she wasted on drugs.

That being said, if she is still a multimillionaire, then it’s concerning she skipped out on the bill. That’s not a good sign. Hopefully this turns out to be some clerical error.

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