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LOL: Insane Parents Get Into Ridiculous Brawl At A Little League Baseball Game (VIDEO)

You read that headline and you think, “Okay, this happened in Florida, right?” Wrong. This huge brawl actually went down in Colorado, which is surprising ’cause we were under the impression everyone was super chill there…for obvious reasons.

But apparently the parents in Lakewood, Colorado, haven’t discovered there is something more powerful than a hypothetical chill pill.

During a little league baseball game on Saturday for 7-year-olds, a bunch of parents started arguing about a call made by a 13-year-old umpire.

Yes you read all that correctly. The argument quickly turned physical, which led to a pretty impressive/depressing brawl. Between 15 and 20 parents started throwing punches on the field, right next to their frightened kids.

The Lakewood Police Dept. is especially upset at the dude in the white shirt and teal shorts who blindsided a man with a pretty violent shot to the head. Cops say several people have already been cited in this fight for disorderly conduct and fighting in public — but they’re clearly not done yet.

Officials also say at least one of the injuries is being classified as ‘serious.’

You can clearly see that violent shot to head in the video, at around the 00:14 mark. It was a punk a** move, that’s for sure. The dude in the white came up from the side of some dude who was just standing around and punched him in the side of the head.

People like that should be charged with attempted murder. He just wanted to punch someone. The dude wasn’t even trying to attack him. THE DUDE WASN’T EVEN LOOKING IN HIS DIRECTION OR ATTACKING ANYONE ELSE! F**k that guy in the white.

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